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Poets Against Submission Fees is an action group that strongly believes submission fees are a barrier of entry to lower income poets.

A 5 pound fee to submit work to journals or competitions might not sound very expensive at first glance— but when you consider that most writers receive many rejections before they are accepted, a typical poet might end up spending anywhere from 5 pounds to 40 pounds on submission fees alone per poem or group of poems. These costs add up and can discourage potential poets from submitting. Poorer people are simply less likely to gamble their money on a creative endeavor that might not work out.

The most important ramification of this trend of charging fees is that poor voices are less likely to be included in contemporary literature. It particularly excludes or discourages POC, those with disabilities or illnesses, the unemployed, and single parents, amongst other demographics. Simply put, the people with the least amount of disposable income will submit the least.

It’s time to ask ourselves, “Who do submission fees push away?”

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Based in the UK. Run by @AK_Thaysen.


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